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Technical Information Sheet

A-TRIFOLIUM REAL ESTATE SA Sub-Fund of Royal Capital Fund sa

Overall information:

Royal Capital - class A:

ISIN LU1845375671

Royal Capital - class B :

ISIN LU1845375911

Legal form:




Launch date:

December 1, 2020

Minimum investment:

€ 125.000

Management fee:

as per sub-fund

Advisory fee:

as per sub-fund

Performance fee:

as per sub-fund

Subscription fee:

as per sub-fund

Redemption fee:


NAV Calculation:




Management Objectives

The primary objective of this umbrella fund is to provide its investors long term yearly returns on its sustainable assets.
The secondary objective of this umbrella fund is to provide its investors maximum risk mitigation by diversification, asset acquisition by market demand and long term yield on guaranteed asset rentals.

Investment policy

The umbrella Fund focuses on addressing real estate investments under specific conditions of each sub-fund. Methodical and in-depth demographic research in combination with long term rental contracts enables a long term yearly sub-fund profit return on her investments. The strategy for acquiring real estate will be defensive, balanced or dynamic depending on each separate sub-fund. Giving different investment possibilities within a wide range of real estate.

Fiscal aspects

The umbrella fund of a Luxemburg SICAV-RAIF is under indirect surveillance of the CSSF through the appointed AIFM. It has a large flexibility towards types of investments. At the moment, the SICAV RAIF is not submitted to capital gains taxes, nor to any other taxes on income. Only a yearly subscription tax of 0,01% is levied and deducted from the net assets of each Sub-fund.

To whom the fund is targeted

The fund and sub-fund is suitable for institutional, professional and qualified investors. These investors are considered having enough experience and skills to make a judgement on the risks involved in the investments in the RAIF, and are therefore considered to have enough knowledge to make investment decisions. The minimal initial investment amount is EUR 125.000,- .

More precisely, in case of distribution outside Luxembourg, Sub-funds may be distributed to professional investors within the meaning of the 2004/39/EC Directive, i.e. being investors who possesses the experience, knowledge and expertise to make their own investment decisions and properly assess the risks that they incur.

General information on ROI

A-Trifolium Real Estate Sub-Fund
Aiming to deliver between 4,5% and 7,50%


This page is issued on behalf of A-TRIFOLIUM S.A. a Sub Fund of Royal Capital Fund sa, an investment company under Luxembourg law and is currently in process of creation . The Fund is a Reserved Alternative Investment Fund and as such is not subject to the direct supervision of the Luxembourg Supervisor CSSF ("Commission de Surveillance so Secteur Financier") The document is only intended as first information about investments and is not a formal marketing document. The document is also subject to future modifications, changes and further verification. It can not therefore be considered, or used as an offer or invitation to invest in the Fund and therefore has no contractual binding value.
Each proposed investment will have to be assessed and your decision to subscribe for shares of the future Fund can only be made on the basis of the information contained in the final version of the Fund's Offering Memorandum, which is the only document that serves as the basis for the registration for acquisition of shares in the Fund.
The content of this document is also confidential and may not be copied, distributed or used for any other purpose that is necessary for the initial evaluation of the possibilities for investment in the fund. The information contained in the document about certain projects and future returns is uncertain and based on a number of assumptions about factual data that the Fund itself does not control. The Fund can not be held liable for disclosing the information in this document, its subsequent amendment or its use by third parties.

This information sheet is only intended as such and for information purposes only. No investment can be done at this moment until the creation of the fund and sub-funds. This document does therefore not constitute an offer or solicitation to invest in the said fund or sub-funds. No information, opinion or data in this document constitutes an investment, legal, tax or other advice.