Cubit: connecting the old real estate world with the new world of cryptocurrencies.

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity. Just 12 years ago, there was only Bitcoin. Now, the world has a cryptocurrency in virtually every economic sector. None of them, however, can offer crypto-investors the perfect balance between liquidity and security they often long for. Yet, Cubit offers investors just that.

Cubit is the very first coin that is 100% backed by real estate. Investors in Cubit can use their real estate to earn an extra income through cryptocurrencies, without having to worry about the management of the complex IT infrastructure behind it. In addition, Cubit uses a fixed price collateral tool to keep price fluctuations in check, which does not only make Cubit an incredibly stable cryptocurrency, but also a sound investment. 

But how does Cubit actually work? Cubit enjoys a 100% backed service at a fixed price of 1 euro. So, when the market price goes below 1 euro, the coverage ratio increases automatically. The opposite happens too: when the market price goes up, the cover ratio decreases. Additionally, Cubit employs a maximum price variation, which thus allows for limited price fluctuation, and utmost stability.

Cubit offers a secure investment opportunity in cryptocurrencies to investors who long for the perfect balance between liquidity and security, something other cryptocurrencies are not able to offer. Cubit also provides its investors with the possibility to convert their cubits to other (crypto)currencies, depending on their wants and needs.

Security, liquidity and the flexibility to convert to other currencies, Cubit provides it all. By connecting the old real estate world with the new world of cryptocurrencies, Cubit opens the door to a whole new way of investing. 

Cubit will be created by newco CDF Crypto, a spin-off of Carré de Finance. 

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please contact Johan Morreel: